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Welcome to Resolute Travel + Sport

Operating since 2002 we as a company have established what it is you’re looking for and the quality that is expected. We specialize in packaging the perfect travel experience for you and adhere to our names definition in delivery. Resolute in meaning embodies admirable, purposeful, determined qualities and everyone in our team is unwavering in our determination to uphold this standard.

The roots of Resolute Travel and it’s staff members stem from being sport enthusiasts with a love of travel. Like you, we personally expect the best service that is hassle free, uncomplicated and with a personal touch when planning our next travel adventure. What better way to enjoy your passion for a particular sport or place than being there amidst the excitement and comradery? We offer numerous , adaptable travel packages that allow just that. The end result being your enjoyment without any of the stress.

As an Inbound and Outbound Tour Operator specializing in packaged and tailor-made itineraries for both local and international clients. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have made with suppliers over the years while continuing to grow and nurture new relationships dependent on the current market. From conceptualization of tours to implementation, we at Resolute Travel have your best interest at heart.

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