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Spain Golf Tours

Spain is the top European golf tourism destination. Every year thousands of people choose our country to play this sport. Discover the key reasons for playing golf in Spain. You're guaranteed a wonderful experience you'll want to repeat. Spain is synonymous with golf. It is a top destination for lovers of the sport, whatever your level or handicap. Make a note, get your clubs ready, and come to Spain as soon as you can –this is the ideal place for playing your favourite sport for a whole host of different reasons. These are some of our strong points: In Spain you'll find sun and warm temperatures all year round, not just in summer. These excellent weather conditions, good visibility, gentle winds and pleasant overall climate are ideal for golf, and guarantee a good long season. Spain is making a major commitment to its golf facilities. It has over 500 courses, according to the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. There are courses in major cities, as well as in mountain areas and right on the coast. Spanish courses have competitive prices, are hugely varied and cater to all kinds of requirements: in just a small area you'll find courses offering very different features, meaning you have an array of options. All you have to do is choose. Travel to and within Spain is easy thanks to our excellent transport infrastructure. There are many golf courses just a few kilometres from major international airports. Thanks to good access, you can get from one course to another quickly and conveniently and put your golfing skills to the test. A first rate historic and artistic heritage awaits you in Spain. Get to know our cultural heritage while you enjoy your favourite sport. Come and discover Spanish art, folklore, traditions, monuments, museums... There are a host of alternatives. Enjoy our internationally acclaimed cuisine. Relax at our spa resorts and thermal baths, oases of peace and relaxation set in areas of stunning beauty. Discover the history of Spain. Have fun on our beaches and have a go at water sports. As you can see, the list of activities is endless. And when you put away with your clubs, be sure to make the most of the excellent shopping opportunities. In Spain you'll find all kinds of shops with all the top brands in fashion, furniture, designer goods, gifts, fine foods... If you prefer, you can leave behind the shops and shopping centres in favour of an excursion. There's nothing better than exploring Spain's trails and footpaths as you discover stunning locations where nature can be enjoyed in all its glory. In Spain you'll find first-class hotels, houses and apartments. They have state-of-the-art infrastructures and sports facilities, with a range of services and all the creature comforts to ensure your stay is a complete success. Your comfort is our main priority. Theme parks, concerts, nightlife, outdoor bars and cafés, open-air activities to be enjoyed with friends or family... There's no time to be bored in Spain. Fiesta and fun are a vital part of the good-natured, open and friendly Spanish character. So there you have it. A paradise of clubs, holes and greens awaits you in Spain... and there's so much more. Come and see for yourself. Discover all the golfing opportunities on offer in Spain. If you've been before... you'll be wanting to come back for sure.

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